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Applying for a loan is easy with our simple 3-step process.

  • Complete a 1003 Loan Application
    Download and complete a 1003 Loan Application Form and formally submit the document to us by fax at (858)259-3982 or e-mail: [email protected] We will then set an official appointment with you in order to sign and verify the information submitted upon application and ask relevant questions.
  • Presentation and Processing
    For your appointment, be sure to present all the needed financial documents such as assets, financial statements, stock investments, property tax bill, etc. Not all of the aforementioned documents are required; however, it is much better for a person to be always ready in order to prevent any delays that may occur in the process. We then evaluate the mortgage loan application in order to present your financial situation. It is an internal step of submitting your application to the underwriter of the lender, who is in-charge of the approval of mortgage loan.
  • Underwriting and Funding
    Underwriting is the stage wherein the underwriter makes a decision to approve the loan application. Then the underwriter making the decision may request additional information such as documents, statements, etc. to “clear conditions.” These can include things like verifications of employment, explanation letters explaining why payments were made late or clarifying gaps in employment. Don’t delay if you’re asked to clear conditions as this is the stage where many mortgage loans get delayed. Be patient with us and we’ll do our best to clear to clear these things up for you.

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